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Umijigoku is the most famous tourist attraction in Beppu. A hot spring made by the power of nature and the cobalt blue of the water attracts much attraction from tourists.

Oniishi bouzu jigoku

This hot spring gots its name from the mud bublbling up from the ground that resembles a monks bald head. The annex onsen oniishi no yu is also popular.

Kamado jigoku

The fully loaded highlights are from 1 chome until 6 chome where an abundant variety of Jigoku foot baths, stores, etc. are available. You can enjoy your time slowly here. The very well-known local guide provide the inform the facility and smoke show.

Oniyama jigoku

Using onsen heat, around 70 crocodiles are growing at this Jigoku area. The live feeding became popular and can be viewed on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. You can witness the ferocity of the crocodiles as they leap from the water to grab a bite to eat.

Shiraike jigoku

Inside a garden is a slightly bluish-white pond called Shiroekijigoku. It also uses hot springs to grow piraruku and pirania, which are tropical freshwater fish.

Chinoike jigoku

The red of this jigoku overwhelms what you see. Underground high temperature and high pressure cause a naturally occuring chemical reaction that causes the red mud containing iron oxide to blow out from the ground creating this strange landscape.

Tatsumaki jigoku

A geyser where you can feel the ferocity of nature. You can view hot water and fumes spouting from the earth close up. While waiting in line try the delicious gelato!

B-con tower

The tower is 125 meters tall and has an observatory 100 meters above the ground. You can enjoy a 360 degree panorama view of beppu from the observation deck.

Beppu tower

It is the third high-rise tower built in Japan with 90 meters height that everyone knows as Beppu`s symbol. If you go up to the top, there's a wonderful landscape waiting for you to see it.

Yukemuri observatory

A place in Beppu city Kannawa where you can view yukemuri. Please enjoy the view of Yukemuri as it rises from the all sides of ground. Taking a photo is a must !


You can enjoy the scenery of all four seasons of one of the one hundred chosen rice fields of Japan. You can also drink the pure spring water seibunkeishi and ginkgo packed full of highlights. A place with real Japanese scenery that is still remaining.

Otobaru fall

The waterfall of Otobaru consists of a large and small waterfall. It is a famous spot, however it can only be reached 30 minites by foot throught the mountains. Those who like tracking, it will be really paid off.

Lake shidaka

A beautiful lake surronded by nature Shidakako lake, you can camp, fish, rent a paddle boat, or rent a bicycle, etc. It is a place where you can do a variety of activities.

Lake Kagurame

About 1 km circumference lake, there are about 80 kinds of flowers in nearby an iris garden from June to July, and about 300,000 iris will bloom.