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Oita Ariston hotel

Ashikari Ryokan

Hotel Area one Oita

Oita Oasis tower hotel (Hotel Nikko Oita)

Terumasu onsen

This onsen is not only men`s and women`s onsen but also mixed onsen where has to wear swimming wear. It has a great view of sea from onsen.

Beppu beach sand spa

You can enjoy warm sand bath and feel the scent of the sea at this beach.

Hyotan onsen

You can enjoy this onsen facility all day long. And you can enjoy an open-air onsen, indoor onsen, private onsen, sauna, sand bath and onsen steam cooking as well.

Yumetamatebako onsen

This huge onsen facility has various sauna to enjoy such as a lie-down bath(shallow), box-steam bath, and private bath etc.

Morinoyu Resort (Garden Bath)

This is an onsen facility where you can enjoy wearing a bathing suit. Please try to relax in open-air onsen with a great atmosphere which is surrounded in nature.

Kannawa steam onsen

It is the style of laying and detoxing on a heap of sweet flag in a stone steaming room. You can experience the mysterious smell of herbs all over your body.

Suginoi Hotel open-air spa 'Tanayu'

Enjoy this open-air onsen, Tanayu with the best view from an onsen in Beppu. You can also enjoy swimming by wearing a swimming suit at the Aqua garden the best place to have fun

Sakura Yu

There are 20 different unique private baths. In a private bath, you can enjoy the onsen at your own pace. Don`t miss the beautiful courtyard where you can experience all four season of Japan.

Oku Myouban 'Sansou'

This is the mysterious white hot spring which is filled with the fragrance of sulfur. Let`s try to enjoy this famous private onsen.

Magen no sato・Shunkashutou

It is a milky surfuric hot spring surrounded by nature in the valley, where visitors can enjoy a beautiful view in all four seasons. The smell of deep sulfur is excellent as well as the hot spring water quality. There's also private onsen with a magnificent view of the natural mini waterfall.

Myouban Yunosato

It's a milky surfuric hot spring. There is a large open-air hot spring where you can feel the nature. Wouldn't it be nice to try it for a while? For those of you who want to enjoy leisurely, there is also a private hot spring.

Yuya Ebisu

In this onsen facility, there are two unique types of onsen. One is a milky sulfur hot spring and another is transparent hot spring which is a characteristic of Myouban onsens. You can spend the best time in the large open-air bath. Private bath also is prepared as well.

Kamioka onsen 'Houzansou'

It's a hot spring which is a slippery alkali sulfur hot spring. It is especially popular with women. It also has a nice personal hot spring too.

Zekkei no yado 'Sakuratei'

The personal hot spring with a great view of Beppu is worth a experience. 100% source hot spring also allows you to relax.

Okamotoya ryokan

Although the operating hours of this hot spring is very short, It is recommended to experience once. The features of the open-air hot spring here are the strong-smelling blue-white sulfur hot springs and excellent views.

Ichinoide kaikan

It has a huge open-air bath with wonderful view. If you have luck, you can see the green hot spring which change over time.

Takegawara onsen

It is a representative hot spring which has long history in Beppu. You can enjoy sand baths as well. It is also recommended that taking pictures in front of this nice building.


Furosen which has deep history has been rebuilt through remodeling in 2014. Hot springs have both hot and lukewarm baths, so you can easily challenge even those who are new to the hot springs.

Ekimae koto onsen

This spa has the best location, 1minute from Beppu station on foot. You can enjoy both hot and warm baths.

Kaimonji onsen

Located next to a quiet park, this spa was remodeled in 2010 and its hot spring facilities are very clean. There are both hot and lukewarm spa, so you can enjoy it by yourself.

Nageshi onsen

Located inside the residential area, this spa is a favorite of locals in daily. We recommend this spa to those who want to experience local culture.

Kamiya onsen

One of the most famous hot springs in backstreet. We have sodium bicarbonate hot spring and chloride hot spring which are expected to have beauty effects. You can even drink!

Umezono onsen

It is a hot springs that have been loved from locals. The hot spring that has more than 100 years of history were closed by the earthquake in 2016 and reopened in December 2019. Strong recommendation for those who want to experience hot springs that have been loved by local residents for a long time!

Netsu no yu

This hot spring is popular because it's free of charge. If you go into chloride hot spring once, it is not easily cooling down.

Kakujusen onsen

It has a rich acidic hot spring which has a dark white smell of sulfur, and is also famous for its unique hot spring even in Beppu. Just try it!

Hamawaki onsen

Newly renovated in 2011 with a hot bath and warm bath. It is a hot spring that has been used by locals since long ago.

Horita onsen

It is close from the Beppu highway tollgate. There is a large hot spring bath and an open stream bath. You can enjoy high quality hot spring freely !

Shibaseki onsen

This is a hot spring facility for enjoying various kinds of hot springs such as outdoor hot springs, steaming hot springs, general hot springs, and private hot springs. Why don’t you try to take a rest at this great facility?


Refurbished in 2016, it had changed a superb and clean facility. This hot spring has a long history and is loved by local people.

Takasaki no yu

This is an onsen facility where you can get to know the life of the people of Beppu. Originally it is opened as a private onsen to the customers of the Takasaki tea café. The owner has a charming personality as well.

Shibu no yu

A famous and historic hot spring located in the main street of Kannawa. Try to experience that become smooth skin after get into this hot spring.

Tani no yu

An onsen that you can find at alleyway of Kannawa. The atmosphere is good. In the men`s bath, you can enjoy viewing the statue of a Buddha statue while bathing.

Chosenji Yakushiyu

There's a hot spring inside the temple uniquely, near the Blood jigoku(hell) and Takimaki jigoku. Entrance fee of hot spring is replaced donation when you pray to Buddha statue in temple.

Shi no yu onsen

An onsen that is loved by locals and is always kept neat and clean. It is very popular amoung hot spring mania too.

Tsuru no yu

A hidden hot spring in the mountains that is difficult to reach. There is only one bathtub and it is a open-air type. Although it is free to bath, it is mixed bathing. so readiness is necessary. The hot spring quality is great but can only be enjoyed by those who make the journey there.

Beppu onsen hoyoland

An onsen facility in Beppu with a rare mud onsen. Many visitors from all over the world come to experience the thick mud hot spring. You can also enjoy the nice view.

Y's Dining BAR

An Italian dinning bar with open terrace seating. You can enjoy Italian cuisine and also order drinks at the bar as well.

Hokkaido Dining 'HAL'

A restaurant where you can enjoy cuisine from Hokkaido in Northern Japan. The drinks are abundant and good and the bar can be used freely.

Beppu Maruman

Momoyakiwhich is roast chicken by charcoal fire is the suggestion menu. You can enjoy a special roast chicken of Kyushu province.

Sakaba Shin

This bar is reasonable, located in the big road in front of Beppu station. The first floor has a counter with some tables and counter, and second floor has room for group guests.


A reasonable izakaya that has been loved for a long time offeres fresh sashimi and delicious local food. Please try to eat the Momokara which is the most famous food in this izakaya.

Ifu duo dou

It is located in front of Beppu Station. You can enjoy Japanese and Western cuisine at this creative izakaya. The drinks are various and there is a wide space where you can relax and enjoy your time.

Ippuu sha

Enjoy local food in this izakaya and feel the nostalgic Japanese atmosphere. Take a seat at the counter and try the Japanese alcohol “sake” slowly.

Dragon chubo

An izakaya where you can enjoy both Chinese and Japanese cuisine. It is nearby Beppu station. Counter seat and traditional Japanese tatami rooms are available. So reasonable and nice atmosphere.


With a café, bar, good cuisine, sweets, this shop can suit anyones dinning needs. This place is chic and popular among ladies as well.


A stylish café with a DJ booth. A store that can be used during noontime for lunch and as a dinning bar at night. It is located on the first floor of Beppu`s symbol, Beppu tower.

Gallery Union

For those who want to enjoy sake to the max then this dinning bar is perfect. A place where you can easily get along with the staff and other customers as well.

Bar Left alone

For those who want to enjoy sake this bar is strongly suggested. The bartender has many fans because of his specaility cocktails. The bartender also make customized cocktails if you order.

Route 10

You can enjoy various japanese sake and cusine at this dinning bar. Many travelers from overseas visit here because the owner can communicate in English.

Casual Bar Bell

This is a casual bar which have to pay as often as you order. It is located in Ekimae street with reasonable price. Please feel free to stop by this spot.

Spain restaurant 509

At this dinning bar, you can enjoy all food and drinks for only ¥509 each. Feel free to drop in and enjoy delicious cuisine and sake.

Beppu Hit Parade Club

This club has vivid atmosphere with live music. It is so famous spot to eat delicious food, enjoy live music for tourists. Let`s enjoy night in Beppu !

Hajime Sushi

At this street food kiosks style restaurant, you can enjoy reasonable sushi with good alcohol. Feel free to drop by and enjoy authentic sushi.

Sushi Kazuma

You can enjoy authentic sushi for lunch or dinner. You can experience and see that chef make sushi in front of you.

Itchome ramen

It is a traditional ramen restaurant in downtown. Why don't you visit here after drinking?

Majime ramen

The characteristic of this ramen restaunant is that soup made from chicken, using the malten salt. You can choose soy sauce taste too. The tight and chewy noodle goes well with soup.

Jigokumushi kobou

The restaurant found in Kannawa touristic area is well-known as Onsen steaming food. You can enjoy a steamed food that have ingredients own taste with hot spring. steam.

Restaurant Enma

You can enjoy onsen steamed food Jigoku mushi by do foot hot spring, a place only one in Beppu. The onsen steamed pizza is the most famous menu ! You should try.

Otto e Sette Oita

You can place an order for a onsen steamed food course. Enjoy the dedicated seasonal culinary dishes that the chef prepares.

Mushi charou (Tea)

This is a restaurant that offers "onsen steamed" dishes that can take care of both health and beauty. Enjoy delicious steamed food and Chinese food in the renovated Japanese house.

Kokochi cafe Musubino

A stylish building that was refurbished recently. Popular amoung ladies, this shop creates dishes for maintaining beauty and health.


An okonomiyaki store that is located on Ideyusaka street. There is an iron pan on the table were you can experience frying the okonomiyaki by yourself. Fluffy okonomiyaki is a popular menu.

Kikunoya ramen

A shop where you can taste the representative Donkotzu ramen in Kyushu area. The broth is carefully prepared without the unique smell of pork bones, and it has a deep and deep taste.

Okamotoya baiten

This restaurant is selling the most popular onsen steamed pudding among famous restaurants in Beppu. Egg sandwiches, Udon and curry that use steamed egg from hot spring steam are also taste good.


A famous chef is making Italian food. Located at the most well-known hotel in Beppu Suginoi hotel, you can enjoy delicious seasonal dishes as well.

Soba Gojou

A popular shop where you can try specially selected soba. Depending on the season, there is also a limited menu using seasonal ingredients. You can taste the famous Oita Torriten, too!

Ramen Itchan

A former sumo wrestler makes his own ramen with pride. Many fans visit the store. It's especially popular with men because of its strong taste and volume.


It is full of typical chicken dishes such as charcoal grilled chicken, boiled chicken with white rice, fried chicken, torriten, and fried chicken. It's responding to the Islamic Haral.


A popular restaurant where you can enjoy the “Beppu Reimen(Cold noodle)”. Keep in mind that you have to wait in line depending on the time zone. China Soba is also a popular menu.


Umijigoku is the most famous tourist attraction in Beppu. A hot spring made by the power of nature and the cobalt blue of the water attracts much attraction from tourists.

Oniishi bouzu jigoku

This hot spring gots its name from the mud bublbling up from the ground that resembles a monks bald head. The annex onsen oniishi no yu is also popular.

Kamado jigoku

The fully loaded highlights are from 1 chome until 6 chome where an abundant variety of Jigoku foot baths, stores, etc. are available. You can enjoy your time slowly here. The very well-known local guide provide the inform the facility and smoke show.

Oniyama jigoku

Using onsen heat, around 70 crocodiles are growing at this Jigoku area. The live feeding became popular and can be viewed on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. You can witness the ferocity of the crocodiles as they leap from the water to grab a bite to eat.

Shiraike jigoku

Inside a garden is a slightly bluish-white pond called Shiroekijigoku. It also uses hot springs to grow piraruku and pirania, which are tropical freshwater fish.

Chinoike jigoku

The red of this jigoku overwhelms what you see. Underground high temperature and high pressure cause a naturally occuring chemical reaction that causes the red mud containing iron oxide to blow out from the ground creating this strange landscape.

Tatsumaki jigoku

A geyser where you can feel the ferocity of nature. You can view hot water and fumes spouting from the earth close up. While waiting in line try the delicious gelato!

Beppu Ropeway

The ropeway ascend 1,375 meters up Mt. tsurumitake. After 10 minutes of dizzying air travel, you can see a good view of Beppu bay and many kinds of wonderful plants as well.

Rakutenchi amusement park

A theme park where any one can enjoy there time at their own leisure. Let's go to Rakutenchi which has been loved for many years by Beppu`s citizens.

Kijima Kogen Park

If you plan on playing all day head to Kijima Kogen park. A theme park where anyone from kids to adults can forget about time and play! It is a theme park that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Please enjoy wooden roller coasters, bungee swings, and rides.

Suginoi Hotel

This resort hotel have the largest number of rooms in Beppu. There are variety of activity facilities, including a hot spring Tanayu where you can see the beautiful scenery of Beppu, bowling, a game room, and an artificial swimming pool AQUABIT in summer.

African Safari

African Safari is the largest safari zoo in Japan. There are about 70 pieces, 1,300 animals. You can make direct contact with animals by feeding them on safari bus tour. Depending on the time, you can meet baby animals, too.


At Umitamago you can meet various marine life! Inside you can come into contact with seals, dolphines, etc.

Takasaki yama

At Mt. Takasaki, there are around 1,200 wild monkeys that consist of three groupsA, B and C. You can see them up close and watch them during feeding time as well.

Harmony Land

It's the only theme park in Japan where you can meet San Leon characters such as Hello Kitty and My Melody. If you like Sanrio characters, you should drop by here !

B-con tower

The tower is 125 meters tall and has an observatory 100 meters above the ground. You can enjoy a 360 degree panorama view of beppu from the observation deck.

Beppu tower

It is the third high-rise tower built in Japan with 90 meters height that everyone knows as Beppu`s symbol. If you go up to the top, there's a wonderful landscape waiting for you to see it.

Yukemuri observatory

A place in Beppu city Kannawa where you can view yukemuri. Please enjoy the view of Yukemuri as it rises from the all sides of ground. Taking a photo is a must !

Oita fragrance museum

A perfume themed museum with a history of perfume and large collection on exhibition. You can also experience making perfume as well.


Located on the southern side of the mountains in the kurushiki area. There are many remains such as the thirty three kannon, wisdom jizo, and hokaji temple.


You can enjoy the scenery of all four seasons of one of the one hundred chosen rice fields of Japan. You can also drink the pure spring water seibunkeishi and ginkgo packed full of highlights. A place with real Japanese scenery that is still remaining.

Otobaru fall

The waterfall of Otobaru consists of a large and small waterfall. It is a famous spot, however it can only be reached 30 minites by foot throught the mountains. Those who like tracking, it will be really paid off.

Beppu station market

This traditional market called The kitchen of Beppu for a long time ago. It is so popular amoung locals, travelers and foreigners! You can feel the real life of Beppu citizen.

Bamboo craft museum

Beppu`s traditional bamboo crafts ”takezaiku” on exhibition and of course you can try making a bamboo craft as well. Enjoy the traditional craft that has been passed along from the anceint times in Japan.

Lake shidaka

A beautiful lake surronded by nature Shidakako lake, you can camp, fish, rent a paddle boat, or rent a bicycle, etc. It is a place where you can do a variety of activities.

Lake Kagurame

About 1 km circumference lake, there are about 80 kinds of flowers in nearby an iris garden from June to July, and about 300,000 iris will bloom.

Beppu park

At Beppu`s biggest park you can enjoy the seasons. It is famous for Sakura blossom place, and also used for various events.

Beppu Hatto(8 hot springs) walk

You can take a walk through the village while listening to the history and culture of Beppu from the guide. If you travel by car or bus, you can find new hot springs and delicious food that you can't see.

Asami shrine

Hatcho Asami Shrine is the most visited by Beppu citizens on the first day of the first lunar month. You may be able to fullfill your wishes such as family happiness, school improvement, love, success at work, etc.

Young center

This is an accomodation facility where you can watch popular Japanese act in Kannawa area. After watching a act, you can spend time slowly in hot spring.