Model Course list

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All about onsen course

The route goes through Beppu’s major tourist spots, Myoban and Kannawa, while checking out sulfuric hot springs and Jigokumushi (Hell steaming food). We will experience a large leisure onsen facility as well as a much smaller one which has strong ties with lives of Beppu locals. Learn about different minerals contained in hot springs and relations between the city and onsens!

Unique onsen course

This route takes you to a mud spa, a steam bath, a foot bath & Jigokumushi (Hell steaming food), a sand bath, and even to a spa where you bathe in a swim suit! Every one of them is so unique that the experience will surprise you with the extensive onsen culture of Beppu city!

Kannawa course

The route takes you deep into Kannawa which is one of the major touristic areas of the city. You will learn fascinating facts of hot springs while getting soaked in onsen and enjoy delicious cuisines!

A glimpse into lives of locals

In this tour, we will take a peek into lives of Beppu people by visiting old shopping streets and a very historical onsen they still use daily. In the end, you will have a luxurious experience at an outdoor onsen right in the middle of downtown!

Beppu’s folk craft & scenic view course

The route starts with an insight to the makings of Beppu’s traditional bamboo crafts. Then we will visit Chinoike Jigoku (Blood-pond hell) and Umi Jigoku (Sea hell), two of the most iconic hells of the city! In the end, a ropeway will take you all the way to the top of Mt. Tsurumi where splendid panorama of the city awaits!